Pumpkins Provide Multi-Sensory Approach to Science

Some first grade classes at Eastover had an opportunity to be pumpkin scientists. Teacher Julie Jacobs said the project is designed to give students a hands-on, engaging experience. “To get them involved in the learning process, we watch videos of different things, but for them to be able to dig inside of a pumpkin gives them a whole new experience. It is taking all the different components of science where we had math, predictions, testing, and measuring.” 

Students worked in small groups conducting many experiments with their pumpkins. They drew realistic pictures of their specific pumpkins and used their five senses to describe them. Students then predicted and measured how tall the pumpkins were using cubes. Next, groups brought their pumpkins up to a giant bucket of water to predict and check if their large pumpkins would sink or float. Students were SHOCKED that all of the pumpkins floated!

Daisy Myers explained, “Before we cut it in it, we said if it floated or not, but it did float because we found it had a whole bunch of air in it.” Jacobs noted, “The students definitely were the most surprised about the pumpkins floating. Some of them thought only the smaller ones would float, but not the bigger ones. Afterward, we also watched a video about the Atlantic Giant pumpkins where the students saw that even the biggest pumpkins float and how some communities even use them as canoes and do fall races with them.”

Finally, the pumpkins were then cut into and students began to draw and describe a pumpkin seed. Eastover student Elizabeth Birmingham explained that the students all took turns pulling out the seeds. “We counted all the seeds by tens and fives. We got 150 seeds.” McCoy Klebba, who worked with Elizabeth, was surprised by the number of seeds. “It’s a really big number,” said McCoy. “I’ve never counted that far before.” Harper Keegan exclaimed, “This is how many seeds we got: 508! I thought it was going to be 105. It was bigger. My favorite part was taking out the seeds because I liked the gooey stuff!

The morning concluded by learning about pumpkin life cycles and making a list of pumpkin questions the students could keep exploring together. This pumpkin project is just one example of how BHS students are provided with hands-on learning experiences to enrich their classroom learning.


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When our students have one of nature’s little accidents and do not have extra clothes at school, we do the following:

  • Provide brand-new underwear
  • Provide clean bottoms, socks, and a shirt (if all are necessary)
  • Families are called if the clean-up is beyond what we can support at school

Our current struggle is we do not have small-sized clothes and anticipate more accidents when students are in their snow gear.

To help us with nature’s little accidents, we are asking for gently used clothes. The following would be very helpful:

  • New Underwear
  • Sweatpants/joggers (small sizes mostly needed)
  • Jeans/pants (small sizes mostly needed)
  • Socks  
Glow Tubing at Bowers Farm

Dear Eastover and East Hills Families:

We are so excited to invite you to a night of glow tubing at Bowers Farm!  We have secured February 1 from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. for our school communities to come together for some tubing fun!


Please Note: The Following Guidelines for the Event, and that Pre-Registration is Required:

  • If you want to tube, you must pre-purchase a tubing ticket which includes the GA ticket for the participant (GA ticket need not be purchased separately).
  • Tickets are $17 per person (plus processing fees) and are non-refundable or transferable. We will be tubing whether there is snow or rain, or sun. There are no rain or weather dates.
  • A General Admission (GA) ticket is required for anyone to enter Winter Park who is not tubing.
  • Tickets are only available for that individual school. Every ticket will need to be purchased through the online registration system.
  • Each participant needs to have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian, which occurs during registration (unless the participant is an adult and can sign for themselves).
  • Each participant needs to rent their own tube. One tube per participant. Single riders only. 
  • Skate rentals are available on-site for a cost of $8 per person.
  • It is the parent's responsibility to determine the appropriateness of their child's tubing.  Children are not allowed to ride in adult laps.  Suggestion: children should be over 46" tall to tube. 
  • A helmet may be worn for safety; however, this is not a requirement.
  • Participants should be able to walk up the hill pulling their own tube and get in and out by themselves.  
  • To ensure a safe experience for all parties involved in tubing, the tubing run (including hill and end of run) is restricted to only ticketed tubing participants, except in special circumstances where additional assistance is required to provide accessibility support.
  • Each ticket is for 50 minutes of tubing on the hill at a set start time.
  • ARRIVE at least 20 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR TIME SLOT TO CHECK IN AT TICKETING.  Time will not be extended if you arrive late.
  • SAVE YOUR EMAIL RECEIPT and have your receipt on your phone or print out ready upon arrival so that we can scan in the bar code.  Waivers can be signed by using a link on your emailed receipt.

Everyone attending Winter Park must either:

  1. Purchase a combined Tubing/GA ticket for $17 per person for those tubing, OR
  2. Register for a General Admission ticket for free if you are a family member joining your student that will not tube.

Note that any residual tickets will be released to the public.

Purchase your tickets HERE

2023 Winter Park Concessions Menu


Please Note: If your family would like financial assistance, please reach out to your school's principal to receive assistance for the cost of your student’s participation.

We can’t wait to see you there!

The PTOs of Eastover and East Hills

Learn More about Glow Tubing at Bowers Farm
Winter Weather is Here

Dear Eastover Families,

With the cold weather upon us, we would like to clarify what needs to be done regarding winter weather gear (coats, snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves). If there is snow on the ground, the children need to have boots and snow pants.  If your child does not have boots and snow pants, then he/she will play on the cleared off cement area next to the building.

Also, please LABEL ALL of your child's winter gear with his/her name.  Sometimes students forget what gloves, hats, etc. they brought to school.Winter gear can be sent into school in a labeled bag.

Please make sure your child has a pair of indoor shoes in his/her backpack.  Walking around in winter boots all day is uncomfortable and too hot for their feet.

Let us know in the office know if your child doesn't own winter gear, we can make arrangements for them during the school day. 

Learn More about Winter Weather is Here
School Breakfast Ordering Information

The Bloomfield Hills food service department is excited to announce the continuation of our breakfast program in the 2022-23 school year! Unfortunately, there will be a cost of $1.85 associated with breakfasts purchased this year for full pay students. If your child qualifies for Free meals, there will be no charge and for those that qualify for Reduced price meals, the charge will be $.30. Visit our school lunch page for more information on the Free/Reduced price meal program.

In order to identify students that wish to purchase meals, we are implementing a pre-order system. Please click on this link and fill out/submit the form to have meals delivered to your child’s classroom on a weekly basis (you may want to bookmark this link if you plan to order regularly). Orders need to be placed for the school week by Sunday evening. Breakfast will be ready for your child in their classroom when they arrive at school. The Breakfast menu is posted on the google form, so you can choose the days/meals that your child wants to eat with us.

All breakfasts come with an entree fruit, juice and milk. If for some reason you cannot fill out the form, please call the food service office @ (248)341-5671 and we can help you out! Have a great start to your school year!

Marianne Romsek – Food Service Director

Bloomfield Hills/Aramark

Learn More about School Breakfast Ordering Information
World Read Aloud Day!

Dear families,

Exciting News!

Wednesday, February 1st is World Read Aloud Day sponsored by LitWorld. There are many opportunities to read aloud to your students: zoom in with an author who will read aloud with your children, watch a read aloud with an author at your convenience, or bring in a special guest to read aloud with your kids. 

Kate Messner is an amazing author who helps to plan World Read Aloud Day. Here is a link to her newsletter. She creates a list every year of authors who are willing to connect with your class and read from their books. See her newsletter (about half way down is the author information)  and you can contact to set up a virtual visit for free. 

Another opportunity is to tune in for live readings throughout the day. See Schedule HERE  

For more information see

Have an exciting reading day!

Mrs. Livingston

Learn More about World Read Aloud Day!

Eastover families have an open invitation to join our building Global Ed Team (GET)/Wellness Team. This is a learning group that meets monthly to grow together and build a community that supports a restorative culture through relationships and educational equity for all. This is a low commitment group, participants are free to come when they can with no long-term obligation. 

In addition, this team will dig into our District's focus on Social-Emotional Learning and continue to focus on the implementation of three practices based on CASEL's Core Competencies. The goals are: Building classroom community through daily routines and daily check-in, meetings centered in staff wellness, and whole school weekly transformative SEL. 

This school year, we are also working with the Anti-Defamation League to be designated as a  "No Place for Hate" school. The program is student-led and focused on improving the climate of the school for all students. Our work with the ADL also supports cultivating student leadership, uniting the school community, and engaging students and staff in active learning.

As a team, we will collaboratively brainstorm ways to make Eastover a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all students and families. If this sounds like a mission you would like to be a part of, please join us at our GET/Wellness meetings! 

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 31st @ 8:15 am. Please feel free to drop in and join us or email Mrs. Singh at for additional questions or information. We hope you'll join us!

Learn More about Next Eastover Global Education/Wellness Team Meeting: January 31st
1st Semester Report Cards posted February 3rd

First semester student report cards will be posted on Friday, February 3rd on Parent Portal.

We have a new format for the report card this year. Please see this letter from Kimberly Hempton, Director of Elementary Education, for an overview of what to expect.

As a reminder, report cards can be accessed online in your Parent Portal. To login, visit and enter your username and password. If you don't remember your login information, use the "forgot username and password" link, enter your email address on file, and the system will email it to you. If the email is incorrect or you are still unable to access the portal, please email for assistance. Instructions for how to view and/or print your student's report card after you have logged in to your Parent Portal are available HERE.

Learn More about 1st Semester Report Cards posted February 3rd
Eastover Music Concerts - Mark your Calendars!

Hello families!

I am excited to share dates have been set for our upcoming Eastover music programs for first, second, and third grade students. All programs will be held at East Hills Middle School in the Cafeteria on the following dates:

1st Grade: March 9 6:00 pm

2nd Grade: March 9 7:00 pm

3rd Grade: May 4 6:30 pm

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Philp We look forward to seeing you there!

Kate Philp

Music Teacher- BME, MLS

Kate Philp
Music Teacher- BME, MLS
Eastover Elementary School

Learn More about Eastover Music Concerts - Mark your Calendars!
Eastover Attendance Policy

Please remember that our learning begins at 9:05 am and goes until the end of the day. When students arrive late or leave early, valuable instructional time is lost.  Aside from the impact on them (it can feel awkward and embarrassing for a child to enter a room late), it also can bring the learning of the rest of the class to a halt as the teacher pauses to welcome the student and bring them up to speed. Please do your best to get your children to school on time. 

If you do arrive late to school, please walk your child to the main door and sign them in on the clipboard. Ring the doorbell so the main office staff can let your child into the school. For the safety and security of our students, we appreciate having a parent/guardian escort their child to the door. Thank you.

There have been questions recently concerning the tardy and absence reporting for Eastover. To clarify those questions, the following are the attendance guidelines for Eastover.


If your student arrives after 9:05 am, your student will be marked Tardy.

After 10:30 am your student will be marked absent for the morning


If you pick up your student before 2:30 pm, your student will be marked Absent for the afternoon.

Learn More about Eastover Attendance Policy
 Time to order your Yearbook for 2022-2023

Yearbook Info 2022-2023

Eastover Elementary school has a year's worth of memories that'll become more cherished as time goes by. Your child will love seeing friends, favorite places and everything that makes this year so much fun.

Order today at:


Yearbook ID Code: 12235023

Order Deadline: March 15, 2023

Please contact if you have any questions.

Thank you for supporting our yearbook at Eastover Elementary School!

Learn More about Time to order your Yearbook for 2022-2023