Bloomfield Hills Celebrates 30 Consecutive Years of Perfect Bus Inspections

The Bloomfield Hills Schools transportation department is celebrating a milestone accomplishment. The Michigan State Police granted BHS its 30th consecutive Certificate of Excellence for 100 percent accuracy in bus inspections.

The perfect ratings started in 1992, which was when lead mechanic Richard Hella started working for the department. “Richard was an Air Force mechanic before he came to us so everything is in perfect order,” explained Jane Mack, BHS Transportation Manager. “There’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. There are always parts available, and, at the end of every day, the garage is spotless and everything is put away so we know exactly where we are starting up in the morning.”

With the support of our School Board, our Superintendent, Patrick Watson’s commitment to safety, and our exceptional transportation staff, our team is dedicated to excellence. Safety is everyone’s first responsibility. Inspecting the buses prior to every trip is a daily routine, and any issue that is not in good working order is written up for the mechanics to repair. The district is very proud of this accomplishment and plans to celebrate the team this Spring with a formal recognition.

The transportation department is searching for great people to join our driving team. We currently have sub driver and regular driver positions open and would love to hear from you. Please consider joining the BHS transportation team!

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