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Hearing and Vision Screening at Eastover

Hearing and Vision Screenings Provided in Oakland County Schools

Hearing and vision screenings are required by Michigan Law (The Public Health Code 368 of
1978) and are provided annually in Oakland County schools by Oakland County Health Division (OCHD) at no cost. Screenings help identify vision and hearing difficulties that can affect a child’s school performance, speech and language skills and social development. OCHD Public Health Technicians do not diagnose any conditions but can make parents/guardians aware if a child may need further follow-up from a doctor.

Vision screening occurs in pre-school, 1st , 3rd , 5th , 7th , and 9th grades - In December 
Hearing screening occurs in pre-school, kindergarten, 2nd , and 4th grades
For more information: visit, call OCHD’s Hearing and Vision program at 248-424-7070 or contact your child’s school.

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