2021-22 Kidz Zone Information

Beginning this school year, we are officially adopting the name of
Kidz Zone for all of our K-8 before and after school programs.

Due to staffing restrictions, space is limited!
Please email the Kidz Zone Registration Office for the registration link. 
Please call the Kidz Zone Registration Office at 248-341-7950
 or email us if you have any questions.

Kidz Zone

Before school and after school care is available at all elementary and middle schools.

The morning and afternoon Kidz Zone program is designed to provide children with a safe, well-supervised environment when an adult is unable to be at home. The activities will include art, quiet study and reading areas, physical fitness, games, outdoor and indoor play. Our program encourages a relaxed environment for the child who is in school all day. A Google Classroom is used to communicate with families.

Students Outside


Kidz Zone

(If you save the PDF form, open it in Adobe Reader, you can electronically sign the form.)

Medication Forms

Submit medication (in its original container) and forms to your Kidz Zone site by your child's first day of attendance. Kidz Zone must have their own copy of the form, and medication. We do not have access to  the school office during Kidz Zone.

Contact Us

Lisa Gryglak, Supervisor

Wendy Rocha, Coordinator

Registration Office - 248.341.7950
Fax - 248.341.7999

 Kidz Zone Classrooms  
Conant 248.341.7020  
Eastover 248.341.7120  
Lone Pine 248.341.7320  
Way 248.341.7820  
BHMS 248.341.6088  
EHMS 248.341.6288  
WHMS 248.341.6188