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Lone Pine is a Nut Restricted Building

Lone Pine is a nut restricted building--this means no nuts of any kind, at any time. Please make sure you do not send items to school that include nuts for your child's lunch or snack. We appreciate your support and understanding in keeping our students safe at school.

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welcome to kdg

The Lone Pine staff and our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) want to extend a warm welcome to our incoming kindergarten families in preparation for the start of their K-12 journey with the Bloomfield Hills Schools. 

One of the highlights of a typical spring at Lone Pine is our annual Kindergarten Round-Up/Orientation, which we had to cancel this year due to Covid-19. It's still very important to us to give our incoming kindergarten families a little glimpse of what to expect at Lone Pine, to help prepare for a successful transition to kindergarten. This includes "meeting" the staff, and learning a bit about the best ways to promote kindergarten readiness this summer.

We've created a kindergarten orientation video for families to watch with their children, which you can find here: This post will stay up all summer so our incoming kindergarten students can watch as often as they like to help prepare for their transition to Lone Pine. Enjoy!

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First page of the PDF file: LONEPINEELEMENTARYSCHOOLBookFairMay11-Sept4

Are you looking for an easy way to find and purchase elementary books to supplement your child's reading? Maybe too much time on the computer is getting tiring but you would still like your child reading ... the Lone Pine Online Book Fair is now OPEN! Visit

We're having a Summer Read-a-Palooza Virtual Book Fair! Discover favorite characters, series, and collections all summer long while supporting our school. Orders are delivered right to your doorstep and you can take advantage of FREE shipping on book-only purchases over $25. Let's make this a summer to instill a love of reading!
Mrs. Brandt

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star reader logo

This week Dr. Hillberry reads The Invisible Boy, by Trudy Ludwig. This is a powerful story about the importance of belonging, and is rich with teachable moments to discuss with young children. You can watch Dr. Hillberry's video by clicking here

The Invisible Boy was donated to the Lone Pine library as part of the West Bloomfield Public Library Star Reader program grant.

This is the last book in our Star Reader books video series. I hope our families have enjoyed these teacher read-alouds over the course of this school year. You can come back to them at any time on the Lone Pine webpage

Previous videos:

Mrs. Olson reads Drawn Together

Mrs. Molnar reads Yayoi Kusama, From Here to Infinity

Mrs. Dickey reads Chapters 7-9 of Like Carrot Juice on a Cupcake

Ms. Realy reads Chapters 4-6 of Like Carrot Juice on a Cupcake

Ms. Neun reads Chapter 1Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 of Like Carrot Juice on a Cupcake

Mrs. Winkfield reads In Your Shoes, A Story of Empathy

Mrs. Olson reads Perfect

Mrs. Lockledge reads There's a Dragon in Your Book

Mrs. Yordanova reads Too Much Noise

Mrs. Ostheim reads Ada Twist and the Perilous Pants

Ms. Shannon reads The Epic Adventures of Huggie and Stick

Ms. Shelef reads Max and Zoe: The Very Best Art Project

Mrs. Ellison reads 5 Minute Pete the Cat Stories

Mrs. Williamson reads Brave as Can Be: A Book of Courage

Mr. Barnes reads The Secrets of Ninja School

Mrs. Cromar reads Life Doesn't Frighten Me

Mrs. M reads The White Book: A Minibombo Book

Mr. M reads How to Read a Book

Ms. Halabicky reads Copy Cat

Mrs. Endres reads Ellie

Mrs. Brandt & Mrs. Olszak read Very Short Fairy Tales to Read Together

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