Principal's Welcome

Dear Lone Pine Community,

As the principal of a pre K – 3rd grade building, I have the wonderful privilege of observing the amazing growth of our students during the several years they spend with us. Lone Pine is the home away from home for many children from the age of six weeks through the end of third grade. What a tremendous responsibility our parent community has entrusted to us! Seeing children grow and develop from infants, through the preschool years, and then onward to become independent and confident third graders is the ultimate reward for our entire staff.

At Lone Pine, the staff and I are dedicated partners in parenting. The combined experience of an elementary school staff in working with young children can exceed hundreds of years, and thousands of children. That experience is one we hope you'll feel confident and comfortable tapping during your years as a parent in our school.

The stated mission of Lone Pine Elementary is to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which students achieve personal academic excellence, demonstrate caring and responsibility, and become empowered, internationally-minded citizens and lifelong learners.

To that end, we believe that:

  • All students learn and achieve in a safe, nurturing environment in which they feel supported and have a sense of belonging.
  • All students learn when provided a strong academic program that recognizes and respects each child's unique physical, cultural, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs.
  • An educational curriculum that promotes critical thinking and problem solving is necessary in order to prepare students with the skills they need to become lifelong learners in the global community.
  • Education is maximized through a strong partnership between school, family, and community.

Our educational focus for each child's journey with us will be based on developing confident, creative, flexible, technologically savvy 21st century learners and preparing them to anticipate and collaboratively solve the challenges in an ever-changing world. We hope you'll join us!