School Life

Lone Pine Elementary is proud to offer our students full participation in the International Baccalaureate Organization's Primary Years Programme.

What is the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)?

According to the IBO website, "The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers high quality programmes of international education to a worldwide community of schools. Our three programmes for students aged 3 to 19 help develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world."

What does the IBO offer?

The IB offers a continuum of learning through three levels: the Primary Years, the Middle Years Programme, and the Diploma Programme. The IB ensures that in its authorized schools, students receive a structured, systematic approach to education that encourages students to ask challenging questions, to reflect critically, to develop research skills, and to learn how to learn. Additionally, the IBO strongly encourages community service by empowering students to take action in their worlds (PYP).

How does all of this benefit my student at Lone Pine?

Lone Pine students benefit from the excellence in teaching that the IB demands and supports in its authorized schools. There is no secret formula or nifty packaged resource. We achieve success through the committed hard work of our teachers to provide comprehensive, systematic implementation of best practices on a building-wide basis. In many schools there are pockets of excellence where teachers function as independent contractors. By contrast, within an IB programme, the requirement for teachers is intensive collaboration and sharing of best practices, allowing our students to benefit from the excellence in instruction our teachers' shared skills set produces.

Student Performance Evaluations

  • Written student performance evaluations are provided twice yearly
  • Parent/Teacher conferences occur two times per year


Lone Pine gives all district common assessments, and internal assessments related to our School Improvement Plan goals. The MEAP is administered to third grade students.

Additional Resources

  • English Language Development Classroom (ELD) - Newcomers are instructed in English and grade appropriate curriculum and are gradually blended into their respected classrooms.
  • Academic Resource Room (ARP)
  • General Education Resource Teacher (GERT)
  • Reading Recovery Program
  • Learning Resource Center (LRC)
  • Media Center: The media center serves as an extension of the classroom by providing reference research, computer experiences, and supplemental materials. Coordinated by a certified media consultant.
  • School Green Team (supports "green" initiatives)
  • Student Action Team (supports school community service efforts)
  • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts (check with school office for parent leaders)
  • Choir
  • Extensive after-school programming via the Recreation Department
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) school.
  • Authorized in 2007 - the first Michigan elementary school to receive IB PYP status.
  • Michigan Green School - Evergreen status
  • Parent volunteer programs
  • PTO website
  • First Aid volunteers conduct lunch hour programs
  • School yearbook
  • New Family PTO Liaison
  • Community Service Program
  • Passive fund-raising (from box tops, Kroger rewards, and Target) 
  • Book Fair
  • Choir recital
  • Back to School Night
  • Fall Family Fun Fest
  • Monthly Community Service
  • Thanksgiving food baskets
  • Art Show and Ice Cream Social
  • Spring Carnival
  • Cultural Assemblies
  • Volunteer Tea
  • Band and Strings Concerts