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Belief sets are at play in every school. Some refer to it as a vision, others to a mission. Setting aside outdated educational practices of the past, at Way Elementary we nurture a culture of thinking and compassion by embracing the Visible Thinking framework.
In This We Believe at Way Elementary
  • Focusing students on the learning vs. the work
  • Teaching for understanding vs. mere knowledge
  • Encouraging deep vs. surface learning strategies
  • Promoting independence vs. dependence
  • Developing a growth vs. fixed mindset

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Our job is not to make up anybody's mind, but to open minds and to make the agony of the decision making so intense you can escape only by thinking. - Fred Friendly

A Window Into Way

Making Our Thinking Visible

Visible Thinking Program at Michigan School

It is often difficult to comprehend the extensive amount of thinking, learning, and understanding that is taking place inside your child’s classroom each and every day. A Window Into Way  will provide you with snapshots of learning opportunities students are engaged in; experiences in which thinking is valued, visible and actively promoted. By making student’s thinking visible, we can better understand how our students are learning as well as their depth of understanding. Enjoy!

Building a Bridge Between Home and School

Way News

Dear Way Families,

School closes tomorrow at 12:20 and we're back at it on Tuesday, May 28 for a full day of school. Also, fourth-grade families please remember to pick your students up promptly at 11:05 from "Move-Up Day" at the middle schools.

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

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Way Art in the Hills
Dear Way Families,
If you haven't had the opportunity of attending Art in the Hills at the Bloomfield Township Library, Way is well represented by over 27 students. The work is on display now through May 25. If you can't make it, we've included our student work here, but it's terrific to see how the art in our district evolves over time. Congratulations to Mrs. Molnar and all of our terrific young artists. 
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Adam Scher
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Dear Families,

When it comes to mathematics instruction, Way Elementary believes as the district does:

“Developmentally, we believe students’ needs are best met through differentiation at grade level. We are extremely fortunate in our district to provide an education that focuses on the whole child. Because we believe differentiation occurs best within our individual classrooms, we do not provide multiple mathematics courses at each grade level.”

Yearly we offer up end-of-the-year testing for a handful of students who we believe may benefit from an accelerated year. Past practice has always begun with a teacher recommendation based on data such as our summative and formative assessments as well as day-to-day observations of students. Being a great mathematician means having a growth mindset, so we strongly consider a student’s maturity, instinctive nature and active participation around mathematics. Boredom is a word rarely used by these children as they have an innate way with their thinking that seeks to deepen what they are learning. Children who say they are bored tend to be high achieving students whose focus is on completing work versus being engaged in the learning. These children tend to be passive with their learning and believe that the teacher’s job is to be the deliverer of the “work.” Doing math and understanding math are two different things, and our aim is to always teach toward understanding.

Having spent this past year working with our new math program, enVision 2.0, our teachers have been impressed by the programs strong reading component and how the emphasis of thinking stretches learning as opposed to merely a focus on work completion. This approach  aligns nicely with Visible Thinking, our instructional approach.

Testing practice in the past has created some tension for our families because not everyone was aware of testing dates. This was intentional because as mentioned above, we believe the teacher is the best barometer and we don’t believe undue testing for our students is a healthy practice. Every year, we seem to test many students to have only 1 or 2 accelerate, and unnecessary testing is always a wasted learning opportunity.

Having said all of that, math acceleration testing will take place on Tuesday, May 28 for the following year placement.  Placements and Recommendations will be handled by a team made up of building and district staff and families will be notified in June.  It’s important to thoroughly understand all the possible ramifications of an acceleration, such as what other things your child will be missing in his/her general education classroom at that time, arrangement for transportation to middle school for those skipping 4th grade math among other things. A discussion with the classroom teacher is advised.

If families are interested in having their child tested, they should put their interest in an email to the classroom teacher and CC our testing coordinator, Mrs. Heydenburg.


Adam Scher


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Wax Museum

Way's 4th-grade students showcase their rich learning opportunity for the Wax Museum Exhibition.  Students brainstormed ideas for individual inquiry, generated possible subtopics to guide research, read non-fiction books and articles, and incorporated their thinking routines throughout the process.  They worked hard, and it shows!

Student Sarim Chaudhary steps into the Statue of Liberty character and beams proudly, "I liked how we could choose anything that is either a person, place, or thing.  I enjoyed researching the Statue of Liberty, and presenting is really fun too!"

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Students in multiple Bloomfield Hills Schools organized, educated, and inspired others to take care of and celebrate the environment as part of the global Earth Day/Earth Week. There were service learning fundraisers for various community causes, huge events to promote environmental education, and small actions by staff and students to increase understanding of environmental issues.

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K-8 Baseball Clinic & Camp

K-8 Black Hawks Baseball Clinic
The Black Hawks baseball program will host a free clinic for all students K-8 on Saturday, May 25, 2019, from 10 - 11:30 a.m. at BHHS. For more details contact Coach Divito at

K-8 Baseball Camp
Registration is open for this summer's Black Hawks Fundamental Baseball Camp for Grades K-3 and 4-8 from June 17-20, 2019. Camps take place on the field at BHHS. Cost $175. Register online at or call 248.433.0085.

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Thank You Way Families

Dear Way Families,

We have been overwhelmed with such an outpouring of staff appreciation this week. Be it the flowers, food, morning beverage treat or personalized letters, there's been far more sunshine in the building than outside. The last 5-7 weeks always seem to be a stressful race to the finish, and your kind and thoughtful gestures have worked wonders for staff morale. Thank you so much for all you do.

Enjoy your weekend.

Adam Scher


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PTO President Wanted

Dear Way Families,

As we enter into the homestretch (Kentucky Derby week reference), of our school year, we are in need of someone to step up and apply to be next year's PTO President. I know and appreciate how busy everyone's lives are these days, but becoming a PTO President offers a wonderful opportunity to grow leadership skills, connect with a multitude of families, help better the lives of children and be the ultimate ambassador to Way Elementary.

Ideal candidates possess the following traits:

·  Organized and able to delegate

·  Welcoming and encouraging

·  Passionate and committed

·  Able to advocate for all children

·  Trustworthy with confidential information

·  Strong communication skills

If interested, please send a letter of interest to our current PTO President, Sara Bolton, at by May 17 as we will need to choose shortly thereafter.

Enjoy your weekend.

Adam Scher


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