Principal's Welcome

Michigan Visible Thinking Elementary School Principal

While giving school tours, I am frequently asked, "Why Way?". It's a fair question, but one without a simple answer as I'm a believer in all of our elementary schools. But in answering the question, it truly boils down to 3 distinct attributes: philosophy, instruction, and the people.

Our progressive philosophy concerns the whole child. We understand that if there is an emotional or social struggle for a child, there will be a diminished learning experience. That is why we painstakingly research the materials we use to find the most effective ones to address the students' social, emotional and intellectual needs.

We provide a rich learning experience for our students via our Visible Thinking framework. While it's true that the curriculum is the exact same for every public school in the state of Michigan, the instructional approach and the delivery of the curriculum can vary from district to district, building to building, and even room to room. Using Visible Thinking as our instructional approach, our teachers facilitate the engagement, understanding, and independence for all learners. All students are encouraged to share their thinking and our methodology demands active participation. The thinking skills we impart to our students effectively prepare them for the conceptual age in which they will live.

Just as there's a difference between a house and a home, there's a difference between a school and a community. The difference is the people in the building, and that is ultimately the answer to the original question. Why Way? Because of its dedicated and caring staff of educators, front-office personnel and custodians, to a supportive PTO and a collection of volunteers. That's Why Way!

Come experience Way for yourself. This is where your child's story begins.

Adam Scher