Grading and Assessment

Standards-Based Grading Beliefs

The Purpose of Standards-Based Grading

Standards-Based Grading is...

  • A feedback model based on agreed-upon levels of understanding and rubrics
  • Assessments based on standards, not compliance
  • Based on evidence of learning goals
  • SBG allows students to know what they can do and where they need to go next
  • Demonstration of mastery or progress based on the most recent performance on a clearly defined set of expectations/criteria

Bloomfield Hills Schools Middle School teachers who use Standards-Based Grading believe that:

  • Students and parents should always know where they (students) stand.
  • Student achievement levels provide an understanding for teachers, parents, and students regarding what a student is able to understand, explain, and apply.
  • Grading should promote a growth mindset.
  • Student grading provides relevant feedback as it relates to skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

Standards-Based Grading Board Presentation

MYP and SBG...Are they the same thing?

  • All middle-school teachers in Bloomfield Hills Schools are Middle Years Programme (MYP) teachers, because they all use the MYP rubrics and follow the MYP Assessment Policy.

  • Some middle-school MYP teachers calculate grades by adding up points earned throughout the grading period. Some of these points may come from an MYP assessment and some points may come from other work. This way of assigning a grade may be referred to as “traditional”.

  • Some middle-school MYP teachers solely use MYP rubrics for assessments and base students’ grades on the most reflective scores instead of an average of points collected. This way of assigning a grade may be referred to as “standards-based grading”.


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