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How do I get involved

Join our PTO/Attend PTO Meetings

Click on the PTO Member Enrollment/Directory tab for a membership form and join the PTO! PTO members have access to the online school directory. PTO meetings are held monthly and are a good way to stay informed about what PTO is doing at your school. Go to the PTO Meeting/Minutes/By-Laws tab for meeting dates and times.

Volunteer for an Event

You can sign up to bring a baked good, volunteer your time, or help with an event. Go to the PTO Event/Sign up section located in the right column of this page. If volunteers are needed for an event, a sign-up genius link will be included in the event details.

Volunteer to join a PTO Committee

The PTO is always looking for parents to volunteer to be a part of or lead committees. Go to the PTO leadership tab and email the chair of the committee that you would like to assist. Volunteers are welcomed at anytime during the school year.

Volunteer to join the PTO Executive Board

We also need your involvement to assist with the PTO leadership. We encourage you to become a part of our board. Having some committee experience is helpful, but is not required to join the Executive Board. The By-Laws of the WHMS PTO contain the nomination procedure. Nominations take place in the spring for the following school year. Email the current PTO president if you are interested.

WHMS PTO Bylaws 2014

PTO Member Enrollment / School Directory

Join the PTO

Please join the WHMS PTO by completing the following form and sending to the school office with your payment and donation. We are hoping each family could to contribute at least $40.00 ($15 membership fee and $25 donation) to support all of our wonderful programs in lieu of small fundraisers throughout the year.

WHMS PTO 2018-19 Membership and Fundraising Letter

School Directory

As a member of the PTO you have access to the WHMS Student and Family Online Directory. Once you become a member you will receive a password via email.

Click here to access the directory.

WHMS PTO Committee Chairs

School Events
Fall Festival – Friday, October 16, 6 - 8 pm Barb Kaufman, Catherine Daneshvar
Make A Difference Day - Sat. am, October 24. Megan Johnston, Barb Kaufman, Ellerie Brownfain, Debbie Hack
Disabilities Awareness Day – Wed., November 4 Susie Fenster
Book FairNovember 9 - 12 Ellerie Brownfain
Multicultural Celebration – Friday, February 26 Leah Abel, Natalie Finerty
Earth Day Walk-a-thon – Friday, April 22. OPEN
8th grade party – June 16 Paula Lynn, Zarine Torrey, Gayle Elias, Julie Hirsch, Ellerie Brownfain

4/5th Grade Activities/Events
Playground Blast - Friday, Sept. 11 Leah Abel, Susie Fenster, Crystal Longmire
Movie Afternoons – movie and fun for 4/5, Fri., Jan. 29. Marlo Schaevsky, Crystal Longmire
Bingo - Friday, January 29, 6 pm Marla Rothschild
4/5 Activity Afternoons Susie Fenster, Carrie Schabel, Branimira Rousseva
4/5 Popcorn days –popcorn once per month. Renee Roth, Crystal Longmire
4/5 Spring Carnival – Mon., June 13. Reem Gergis, Stephanie Langwell

School Enrichments
Assemblies Rachel Margules, Barb Kaufman
Author Visits Barb Kaufman, Ellerie Brownfain, Leah Abel
ClinicAdria Bircoll
Junior Achievement (4th grade only) Marlo Schaevsky
WordMasters Leah Abel (4th), Rich Little (5th)

Bake Sales - 2:45 to 3:15 on some Thursdays Kris Mathis
Hospitality/Baking Branimira Rousseva
Passive Fundraising Paula Lynn, Zarine Torrey, Neena Crimmins
Spirit Wear Lea Narens
School Store10:30- 12:30 twice per month. Jayme Kirschner

Community Relations, Service and Communications
BYG (Bloomfield Youth Guidance) Ellerie Brownfain
BBFA (Birmingham Bloomfield Families in Action) Rep. Catherine Daneshvar
Community Service Megan Johnston, Barb Kaufman, Ellerie Brownfain, Debbie Hack
Family Connections Leah Abel
Heartline/Sunshine – keep up with happenings at school- new babies, etc. send card/treats to teachers/students. OPEN
Health and Wellness Initiative Carrie Schabel
Student Directory Megan Johnston, Gayle Elias
Teacher/Staff appreciation Laura Silberman, Barb Kaufman, Megan Johnston, Paula Lynn
Website Crystal Longmire, Natalie Finerty
Welcoming Committee/New Parent Breakfast Ellerie Brownfain, Megan Johnston
7th Grade World Religions Committee Dima El-Gamal, Barb Kaufman, Ellerie Brownfain
Michigan Green School OPEN
DAERR (Diversity, Academic Equity, Race Relations) Representative – Go to meetings once a month and report back to WH. OPEN

Fundraising / Shop for WHMS

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PTO Meeting Dates / Minutes / By-Laws / Financials

PTO Executive Board Meetings 2014/2015
Thursday, September 11th 9:15 AM Media Center Conference Room Minutes
Thursday, October 9th 9:15 AM Media Center Conference Room Minutes
Thursday, November 13th 9:15 AM Media Center Conference Room Minutes
Thursday, January 8th 9:15 AM Media Center Conference Room Minutes
Thursday, February 26th 9:15 AM Media Center Conference Room Minutes
Thursday, April 16th 9:15 AM Media Center Conference Room Minutes
Thursday, May 14th 9:00 AM Media Center Conference Room Minutes
General Membership PTO Meetings - 2014/2015
Wednesday, September 17th 10:00 AM Room 104Minutes
Wednesday, October 15th 7:00 PM Media Center Minutes
Wednesday, November 19th 10:00 AM Room 100 Minutes
Wednesday, January 14th 10:00 AM Room 104 Minutes
Wednesday, March 4th 7:00 PM Media Center Minutes
Wednesday, April 22nd 10:00 AM Media Center Minutes
Wednesday, May 20th: Volunteer Thank you Breakfast 10:00 AM Room 100 Minutes

2014 WHMS PTO bylaws

PTO Website / Contact Us

If you would like to make suggestions

or include information on the website, please email

Natalie Finerty, Crystal Longmire,


  • Presidents: Jaime Ben and Stephanie Langwell
  • Treasurer: Crystal Longmire
  • Secretary: Jennifer Cook
  • Past President: Leah Abel
  • Fundraising: Carole Benezra
  • Hospitality: Branimira Rousseva
  • 4/5 Liaison: Karen Kaplan
  • Room Parent Coordinator: Sarah Sherman
  • Community Service: Megan Johnston
  • Communications: Jennifer Canine

WHMS PTO Facebook Page