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2020 - 2021 Class Placement Input Survey for Current WHMS 4th Grade Students

It is hard to believe that it is time to plan for next year already given our current environment, but it will be here before you know it. Because West Hills is both an elementary and middle school building, we have aligned our class placement practices with our feeding school, Lone Pine Elementary. Please reference our process below, and current 4th-grade families, we encourage you take our survey.

BHS Elementary Student Placement Process:
The Bloomfield Hills elementary staff is in the process of making plans for the upcoming school year. Over the next several weeks, staff will gather information regarding instructional needs as they relate to the growth and development of our students. This information will help to inform K- 5th class placements for the next school year.

What is the timeline of the student placement process (WEST HILLS Specific)?

May: Building teams will meet with building administrators, specialists, and support staff to make preliminary placements for the next school year.

August: Classroom placements are finalized the week before school starts. Placements are posted on ParentConnect/MyBloomfield.

How are students placed in classes?

Students are placed in classes to achieve as much balance as possible. Consideration is given to academic ability, social growth and development, individual needs, and gender. Using this along with any family input and other criteria, all attempts are made to balance classes. Classroom teachers work in collaboration with the specialists, principal, associate principal, and relevant support staff to make placements.

How can families provide input into the placement process?

New this year, current fourth-grade families, are encouraged to take the following survey, PLACEMENT SURVEY. Please know that our team of teachers and admin will all be able to view this data when considering the placement of your child for next year. Additionally, families who have special considerations they wish to share directly with administration, please feel free to email Mr. Gignac or Mr. Durecka no later than May 15th. REQUESTS FOR PLACEMENT IN A PARTICULAR TEACHER'S CLASS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED OR CONSIDERED. There are no guarantees regarding class placement.

Why are placements finalized in late summer?

Events that take place over the summer may make it necessary to add a classroom, change teaching personnel, or revise the makeup of a particular class. Because of factors such as these, it may be necessary to change class placements throughout the summer.

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