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Artificial Intelligence pioneer Seymour Papert wrote, “The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge.” This is certainly the way we want to lead our students’ learning at West Hills as they continue to grow. 

This week, read how the knowledge students are gaining in 8th-grade science is sparking Yazeed Abuhmaid’s creativity.

My dream is to make supersonic travel a reality again. Supersonic travel is traveling at a speed faster than the speed of sound. It is important for people to travel faster, because it can save time. This unit in science class, we learned about how sound waves travel through a medium. This can be applied to the real world,when people make supersonic jets. Engineers have to design the aircraft in a way so that it is safe when you exceed the speed of sound. But these designs are also applied to other things that go supersonic, such as space shuttles. However, there is another drawback to breaking the sound barrier,which is sonic boom. This can cause health effects to people that hear it. Therefore, scientists are using their knowledge and trying to change the material aircraft are made out of. For more information on supersonic travel,you can visit the following website here,

Fabulous Fossils

4th graders also gained some hands-on knowledge this week as we welcomed the University of Michigan’s Museum of Natural History program, Fabulous Fossils. Students had a chance to rotate through three stations and take notes in their science journals about the scientific properties of the various fossils they encountered. 

Jen Teal, IB Teacher Leader, WHMS

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If you are a parent or guardian of a seventh or eighth grade student, please review the appropriate letter regarding seventh and eighth grade reproductive health and communicable diseases instruction. Please find the letters at the links below. If you wish to review materials or have your student opt out of the instruction, please contact Mrs.Steaban in the main office as soon as possible. Instruction will begin in October.

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The third annual district-wide Multicultural Celebration is set for the evening of Monday, March 30th, at Bloomfield Hills High School!  This event showcases cultures from around the globe, represented by our own Bloomfield Hills School district students and families.  If you enjoy planning events, love to celebrate cultural diversity, and like meeting parents from across the district, this is the committee for you!  The committee meets about once a month, and plans details like the event theme, the packet for participants, school communications, coordinating food and volunteers, and much more!  Please contact Leah Abel at if you're interested!

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With the start of a new year, please take a moment to review our traffic map for West Hills. We wish to reemphasize the need to utilize the designated drop off and pick up points. For the safety of all students, drivers please watch your speeds and do not double park. Please load and unload on the curbside only. The safety of our students is our highest priority. Thank you for your help. Traffic Map

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Nut Allergy

West Hills Middle School continues to be a nut-restricted school. As a reminder, this also includes all field trips, sporting events, and all other before and after school events. Please carefully read and review all food packaging prior to sending food items to school. For further information on food allergies, consult We appreciate in advance your full cooperation.