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Wing Lake staff is extremely proud of their reputation for providing quality educational programming for students with special needs. Wing Lake services Oakland County students with severe cognitive impairments (SCI) and severe multiple impairments (SXI) from three through twenty-six years of age. The school is open for instruction year round. Operating costs are covered through a combination of a countywide special education levy and state funding provided to resident school districts. The program is operated by the Bloomfield Hills School District. Eligible students reside within the 28 resident public school districts in Oakland County.

Student at Wing Lake Developmental Center for Special Needs

Wing Lake provides a comprehensive educational program in a caring and supportive environment where each student's fullest potential is the staff's greatest concern. An educational team evaluates the student's abilities in the developmental areas of gross motor, fine motor, self-care, language and pre-academic skills: math, reading, science and social studies. An Individual Educational Plan is written to meet the needs of each student. Long-range goals and short-term objectives are developed and progress is continually monitored. Along with therapies our program also provides activities including adaptive physical education, music, swimming, community-based instruction, student council, and prevocational activities. Nursing staff is also available to monitor student health concerns. At Wing Lake we strive to teach as many skills of daily living and self-care as possible to increase independence. Staff also assists our students with transition planning in anticipation of program completion.

We are a nut free school!

Nut Free School in Michigan

Wing Lake would like to thank our families, students and staff for helping to create a safe environment for our students!

Substitutes Needed!

Wing Lake is looking for qualified year-round substitute teachers. All applicants must have a valid teaching certificate. Please contact Meg Harkonen at (248) 341-5433 or

Wing Lake is looking for year-round substitute Instructional Assistants. Must have a high school diploma. If interested please contact Meg Harkonen at (248) 341-5433 or

Student at Wing Lake Developmental Center for Special NeedsStudent at Wing Lake Developmental Center for Special Needs
National School Lunch Program

Dear BHS Families:

Bloomfield Hills Schools participates in the National School Lunch Program. Effective the first day of school, students must have money in their account to purchase lunch and their accounts must be in positive standing. Families that qualify for the program can receive free or reduced price meals. Please submit all applications by October 1, 2018. Details about the Food Service program and the menus for September can be found below.

2018-19 BHS Lunch Family Letter
2018-19 BHS Free and Reduced Lunch Application
2018-19 BHS Free and Reduced Other Programs
2018-19 September BHS Menu - Elementary Schools
2018-19 September BHS Menu - Middle Schools
2018-19 September BHS Menu - High School

We are proud to serve your child and encourage families to participate in the Food Service program!


Marianne Romsek
Food Service Director

Charlie Hollerith

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100 Men Club Donates $14k to Bloomfield SCAMP

100 Men Club, a group of local men committed to making a positive difference within the Metro Detroit communities and their families, announced its latest donation to BLOOMFIELD SCAMP for $14,100.  The nomination was made by William Haines, Jessi Haines's husband (ARP teacher at Bloomfield Hills High School and Bloomfield SCAMP Assistant Coordinator).   

SCAMP seeks to provide an exciting and therapeutic summer program for individuals with disabilities ages 3-26 in the Metro Detroit area.  Bloomfield SCAMP was founded in 1967 and was the first in our area. Campers enjoy a variety of structured activities that focus on social skills improvement, language enrichment, and prevocational skills.  They also enjoy art and music therapy and physical education. Participants swim at Walnut Lake, located behind West Hills Middle School. ​

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The BHHS Jills Choir Celebrates 60 Years

"I wanted to be a part of the Jills, because it's such a time-honored tradition," shares Bailey Mcclelland, BHHS student.  The Jills, a small, all-girls audition choir, celebrates 60 years of musical excellence.

"The reason I wanted to be in the Jills was I liked that it was a smaller group, so we could do different pieces than we would normally do in Choir,"  says Nivey Nithiyananthan, BHHS student.  "The Jills perform pieces from all around the world.  I've enjoyed singing pieces from Czechoslovakia, African pieces in Swahili, and a lot of Latin music, adds Mcclelland.

In addition to singing, students learned to read music and play the handbells.  "We taught ourselves Carol of the Bells on the bells," Sophie Beeckman, BHHS student shares.

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Welcome, Rebecca Anders!

"It is my pleasure to welcome Rebecca Anders, Supervisor, Wing Lake Developmental Center," shares Kelly Bohl, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Labor Relations.  "Rebecca has been serving the Birmingham Public Schools since 2010, initially as a School Social Worker and since 2015 as their Special Education Supervisor. Previous roles also include a Facilitator at Oakland University for OUCARES, an Autism Spectrum Disorder program, an Instructor at Baker College in Human Services, a Behavior Specialist, Principal Intern and a School Counselor for the Fitzgerald Public Schools.

'Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Social Work, a Master of Social Work, an Educational Specialist Degree in School Administration and she has Full Approval from MDE as a Supervisor/Director of Special Education. A team of Wing Lake stakeholders interviewed 4 candidates deemed qualified for this unique role and unanimously agreed that Rebecca had the training and
experience to maintain the integrity of the program, despite its complex needs, and the temperament and drive to continue the work of enhancing the program from an instructional perspective.

"Through collaborative efforts, Rebecca has also worked with staff, students, and parents to promote best practice/research based instructional strategies including Co-Teaching, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Foundations of Math, Universal Design for Learning, and Empathy/SocioEmotional Learning Standards. Rebecca is clearly committed to the values of equity and inclusion and we are very happy to have her joining our leadership team."

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Welcome Jen Perrone, Special Education Director!

Welcome Jen Perrone, Special Education Director!  "Jen brings to this position a wealth of experience," Kelly Bohl , Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Labor Relations..  "She shares she has served as Assistant
Director of Special Education for Livingston ESA and Walled Lake Consolidated Schools and Director of Special Education for Livingston ESA and West Bloomfield School District.

"Jen has multiple advanced degrees, including an Education Specialist from Wayne State University. Jen is a certified teacher with a special education endorsement in Physically or Otherwise Health Impaired (POHI) and holds a Master's degree in Autism. Prior to working in
public education, Jen worked in the private sector as a corporate trainer.

"While Jen admittedly has big shoes to fill, when checking her references, I heard Jen referred to as 'a total rock star', the 'best Special Education Administrator I've ever worked with' and 'strong
advocate for students and staff'. "

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Margaret Schultz: Administrator for Social-Emotional Learning and Educational Equity
"It is my honor to welcome Margaret Schultz into the position of Administrator for Social-Emotional Learning and Educational Equity," says Kelly Bohl, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Labor Relations.  "Over the past few years, our district has been intensely focused on global education, equity, inclusion, and social-emotional learning. We have worked to engage our community in informative and collaborative dialogue, supported staff, family, student, and community learning through the Institute for Healing Racism, Global Champions courses, trainings in Restorative Practices and through our Diversity, Academic Equity, and Race Relations (DAERR) community team."
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Bird Banding at the Nature Center

"It was amazing!" exclaimed Abe Rosett, 4th grade student, after seeing birds banded at the Nature Center. Bloomfield Hills Schools students visited the Nature Center for an annual bird banding field trip each spring. Expert, licensed bird bander Allen Chartier taught students how to capture, weigh, measure, and track birds of all species that fly into the area. The Nature Center has been home to a 29 year long bird banding study!

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Supervisor of Special Education

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Jennifer Perrone
Director of Special Education


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