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Wing Lake staff is extremely proud of their reputation for providing quality educational programming for students with special needs. Wing Lake services Oakland County students with severe cognitive impairments (SCI) and severe multiple impairments (SXI) from three through twenty-six years of age. The school is open for instruction year round. Operating costs are covered through a combination of a countywide special education levy and state funding provided to resident school districts. The program is operated by the Bloomfield Hills School District. Eligible students reside within the 28 resident public school districts in Oakland County.

Student at Wing Lake Developmental Center for Special Needs

Wing Lake provides a comprehensive educational program in a caring and supportive environment where each student's fullest potential is the staff's greatest concern. An educational team evaluates the student's abilities in the developmental areas of gross motor, fine motor, self-care, language and pre-academic skills: math, reading, science and social studies. An Individual Educational Plan is written to meet the needs of each student. Long-range goals and short-term objectives are developed and progress is continually monitored. Along with therapies our program also provides activities including adaptive physical education, music, swimming, community-based instruction, student council, and prevocational activities. Nursing staff is also available to monitor student health concerns. At Wing Lake we strive to teach as many skills of daily living and self-care as possible to increase independence. Staff also assists our students with transition planning in anticipation of program completion.

We are a nut free school!

Nut Free School in Michigan

Wing Lake would like to thank our parents, students and staff for helping to create a safe environment for our students!

Substitutes Needed!

Wing Lake is looking for qualified year-round substitute teachers. All applicants must have a valid teaching certificate. Please contact Meg Harkonen at (248) 341-5433 or

Wing Lake is looking for year-round substitute Instructional Assistants. Must have a high school diploma. If interested please contact Meg Harkonen at (248) 341-5433 or

Farm on the Spot Visits Wing Lake!

Cinnamon the llama surprised students and Superintendent Rob Glass at Wing Lake Developmental Center!  How fun! Who will be next? Farm on the Spot is a new learning program in which animals from Bowers School Farm visit classrooms in Bloomfield Hills Schools. 

Glass began the visit by reading story books about llamas to the students.  Then the llama was brought in to everyone's delight!  Farm staff gave facts and allowed the students to pet the llama's fur. 

Click to watch farm on the spot video

Click to watch video!  Read more to view more photos!

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Sinking Fund Replacement - How Much Would It Generate?

On May 8, 2018, voters in Bloomfield Hills Schools will be asked to consider a .7165 mill, six-year sinking fund replacement (to replace the existing sinking fund, set to expire in December of 2018). The sinking fund would generate approximately $2,500,000 each year which would be used for specific purposes, as set forth by the State of Michigan. Thanks to new legislation, acceptable use of sinking fund dollars has been expanded to include safety, security, and technology. For more information visit

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Farm on the Spot - EHMS

You won't want to miss Farm on the Spot - a new learning program in which animals from Bowers Farm surprise a classroom of students. In this segment, twin goats surprise a classroom at EHMS. Who will be next? Talk about hands-on learning in the classroom!

Farm on the Spot Video

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2018 Master Global Champions

Congratulations to the staff, parents/guardians, and community members who earned the honor of Bloomfield Hills Schools 2018 Master Global Champions. As part of our desire to fulfill the mission to educate all of our learners so they may achieve their individual potential and build meaningful and productive lives in a global society, we have engaged in a process to develop Global Leaders. Graduates of the Master Champions course will continue the work of building systemic cultural capacity and increasing equity and inclusion throughout the district. To learn more about this important work, visit

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Sinking Fund Replacement - Examples of Potential Projects

What are some examples of Sinking Fund projects the district would investigate if the replacement passes?

With the expansion of use to include safety, security, and technology, the district may seek to:

  • Install more security cameras inside and outside of each school
  • Install security cameras on each school bus
  • Provide a GPS bus tracking app for families to know the whereabouts of their child's bus and the approximate time of arrival
  • Install bullet-proof glass or glass film
  • Place bollards outside of main school entrances

For more information visit

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BHHS Bionic Black Hawks Win 3rd straight FIRST Robotics Michigan State Chairman's Award

The BHHS Bionic Black Hawks had incredible success at the FIRST Michigan State Championship from April 11-14, 2018, bringing home their 3rd straight FIRST Michigan Chairman's Award! BHS was one of twenty-nine school districts recognized by Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, for having all four levels of FIRST programs. The Black Hawks finished as Ford division semi-finalists, received the Ford Division UL Safety Award, and are currently ranked in the top twenty teams in the state. The team advances to FIRST Robotics World Championship in Detroit from April 26-28, 2018. The BHMS Mechanical Monkeys will also be competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship, and the Way Elementary Blockhead Builders will compete in the FIRST Lego League Junior World Exhibition.

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Spring Newsletter Correction - BHMS Students Visit Wing Lake

In the 2018 BHS Spring Newsletter, we incorrectly cited West Hills Students Visit Wing Lake Developmental Center. The students who visited Wing Lake were from Bloomfield Hills Middle School. BHMS students reflected on their visit noting such experiences as, "Going to Wing Lake School was a really fun experience, and I really enjoyed it. There were lots of kids and adults with many different disabilities. The ages can range from ages 3-26 years old. Most of the classrooms are very different from each other. Most of the friends there all have aids or helpers with them. They have a very different learning environment than we do. Lots of the friends at Wing Lake are in wheelchairs and can't talk." - Brooke Ziff. 

Thomai Gersh, Supervisor of Special Education at Wing Lake, shared, "When the 5th graders from BHMS came to visit, the benefit was mutual. Our students loved to engage and interact with the 5th grade BHMS students; and they also taught the 5th graders about the differences between people and the different ways things can be done. BHMS and Wing Lake students both gained a lot from this experience."

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Phone: 248.341.7900
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Thomai Gersh
Supervisor of Special Education

Marilyn Moss

Kimberly Todd


Pam Schoemer
Director of Special Education


Class 8:45 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Office 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Wing Lake Developmental Center
6490 Wing Lake Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301