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Wing Lake staff is extremely proud of their reputation for providing quality educational programming for students with special needs. Wing Lake services Oakland County students with severe cognitive impairments (SCI) and severe multiple impairments (SXI) from three through twenty-six years of age. The school is open for instruction year round. Operating costs are covered through a combination of a countywide special education levy and state funding provided to resident school districts. The program is operated by the Bloomfield Hills School District. Eligible students reside within the 28 resident public school districts in Oakland County.

Student at Wing Lake Developmental Center for Special Needs

Wing Lake provides a comprehensive educational program in a caring and supportive environment where each student's fullest potential is the staff's greatest concern. An educational team evaluates the student's abilities in the developmental areas of gross motor, fine motor, self-care, language and pre-academic skills: math, reading, science and social studies. An Individual Educational Plan is written to meet the needs of each student. Long-range goals and short-term objectives are developed and progress is continually monitored. Along with therapies our program also provides activities including adaptive physical education, music, swimming, community-based instruction, student council, and prevocational activities. Nursing staff is also available to monitor student health concerns. At Wing Lake we strive to teach as many skills of daily living and self-care as possible to increase independence. Staff also assists our students with transition planning in anticipation of program completion.

We are a nut free school!

Nut Free School in Michigan

Wing Lake would like to thank our parents, students and staff for helping to create a safe environment for our students!

Substitutes Needed!

Wing Lake is looking for qualified year-round substitute teachers. All applicants must have a valid teaching certificate. Please contact Meg Harkonen at (248) 341-5433 or

Wing Lake is looking for year-round substitute Instructional Assistants. Must have a high school diploma. If interested please contact Meg Harkonen at (248) 341-5433 or

West Hills Samaritans 365 Club

At West Hills Middle School an inspiring new club, The Samaritans365, has teamed up with current club, 4th/5th Grade Leadership, to further connect students with the community and empower them to become citizens serving others.  Jolie Oleshansky, 7th grade student at West Hills, says, "A family friend formed Samaritans365 in a southern Florida elementary school in 2008. I wanted West Hills to be the first school in Michigan to begin this club of kindness."  Since it's inception in 2008, Samaritans365 has grown to 85 schools and into seven states.  Jolie proudly beams "this opportunity has helped me to become more of a leader and to model to 4th and 5th graders, that kindness and gratitude is contagious and impacts others in a powerful way." 

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Five BHHS Students Named as U.S. Presidential Scholar Candidates

Five seniors from Bloomfield Hills High School were recently nominated as candidates for the United States Presidential Scholars Program.  Emily Wang, Srirama Varanasi, Ananyaa Kumar, Megan O'Gorman, and Simona Zhu are among the 140 students from Michigan named as candidates for this honor.  Counselor Shayna Klein shares, "It's a very prestigious recognition, so we're really proud of all the kids, and happy that we can recognize them."

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East Hills Winners' Circle Background

Winners Circle is an exciting opportunity for students at East Hills Middle School to meet prominent leaders in the community.  Michael Massucci, teacher at East Hills, started the club a number of years ago.  Massucci, says, "The goal is to bring in the best and the brightest to speak to the students at how to succeed in life.  We bring in a diverse group of people, from all walks of life: judges, politicians, Olympic and professional athletes, lawyers, doctors, leaders in the military, authors, business men and women, to share their wisdom and experiences with our students." 

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A Note from Dr. Glass

Dear Bloomfield Hills Schools Families, Staff, and Community,

We are deeply saddened by the tragic violence that occurred in Parkland, Florida yesterday.  Our hearts are with their entire school community.

As a parent, I grieve for the parents who lost a child yesterday.  As your superintendent, I am committed to our work in safety and security, ensuring our schools remain the safest places for our community's children.

To that end, I can assure you that safety and security is something we work on, consciously, every day...

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Planting Seeds of Knowledge

“We’re doing experiments with plants to see what they need to grow!” exclaims Finn Leary, 2nd grade student in Jackie May’s Lone Pine classroom.  Nolan Johnston, another of May’s students, adds, “We planted seeds.  Some have water, and some have no water, and we put some in cabinets, and we’ll see if they grow.”  

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Random Acts of Kindness Day at BHHS

"It was so neat to be a part of Random Acts of Kindness Day," explains Courtney Stelmack, 11th grade student at BHHS. "It gave me validation that it was worth it, that you can make a change in someone's life.  You honestly never know what that small random act of kindness will do for somebody." Stelmack, along with other students in the Be the Change Club and Global Leaders Club, created thousands of post-it notes with inspirational sayings, and then posted the notes all over BHHS, during You Matter Week.

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2018 Regional Scholastic Art Award Winners

Congratulations to the BHHS and Model Center visual arts students for winning 84 awards at the regional level of the Scholastic Art Awards! Awards include: 12 Gold Key Portfolios, 1 Best of Show Gold Key Portfolio, 8 Gold Key individual awards and 1 American Vision Award (1 of the top 5 pieces in the regional exhibit). All Gold Keys artwork and portfolios will be judged at the national level. Check out some of the Gold Key artwork!

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8th Grade Drama classes receive visits from college students

"It's just so fun to work with the kids!  Coming here to be a teacher, and seeing Mrs. Bogrette do what she loves every single day, is a joy," says LaRhonda Richardson, current first year student at Albion College, and graduate of BHHS and BHMS. Mary Bogrette, middle school drama teacher for 27 years in Bloomfield Schools, invites former students to visit the middle schools during their college breaks, to assist current 8th grade students with their play preparation.  

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Phone: 248.341.7900
Fax: 248.341.7949

Thomai Gersh
Supervisor of Special Education

Marilyn Moss

Kimberly Todd


Pam Schoemer
Director of Special Education


Class 8:45 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Office 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Wing Lake Developmental Center
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