School Life

Wing Lake Soars

Points of Pride

  • Wing Lake provides educational programming to Bloomfield Hills residents as well as students from several different districts in Oakland County.
  • Wing Lake provides a wide range of educational experiences to students with severe cognitive, physical, and/or health related impairments. At Wing Lake we know that every child can learn!
  • Wing Lake provides extensive educational programming, which includes speech, physical, and occupational therapy as well as music, gym class, swimming and hydrotherapy.
  • Each student has an individualized education program that is developed by a team made up of parents and caregivers, teachers, therapists, and nurses.
  • A variety of technology tools are used to help students access their world.
  • Wing Lake has a fully accessible playground that meets the needs of children of all ages and abilities. Outdoor play is important for all; it helps build strength, teaches sharing and problem solving through interactions, and builds confidence. The playground is also open to the community.
  • The Wing Lake school program is supplemented by community-based instruction and field trips.
  • Wing Lake staff not only provide best-practice teaching techniques but also engage students in learning in a fun and caring environment that encourages safety and a joy for learning.
  • Wing Lake students have the opportunity to participate in Student Council, Special Olympics, Field Day, prom, pep rallies, musical events, as well as seasonal celebrations.

Student Council

Every year the students of Wing Lake elect a group of their classmates to serve as our Student Council. These students are responsible for many of the amazing things you see happening at our school. They hold fund raisers and create opportunities for our students to help their community. Our student council is committed to making our school a wonderful place to be.

PTO Events

  • Fall Festival
    Our hallways and classrooms become a tribute to the season. Where families can come and enjoy time with their students and pick up a few goodies!

  • Staff Appreciation
    Every year we organize a day to celebrate the talented staff here at Wing Lake.

  • Prom
    Our prom is a stunning highlight of what P.T.O. and staff can do together! Depending on the theme, students are transported to the wonderful world of Oz or possibly a trip under the sea for a day of dancing, friends and snacks.

  • Graduation
    Pride and Jubilation are always the themes for graduation. The PTO is honored to assist in making graduation a day that students and their family will remember forever.