School Life

Points of Pride

  • Wing Lake provides educational programming to Bloomfield Hills residents as well as students from several different districts in Oakland County.
  • Wing Lake provides a wide range of educational experiences to students with severe cognitive, physical, and/or health related impairments. At Wing Lake we know that every child can learn!
  • Wing Lake provides extensive educational programming, which includes speech, physical, and occupational therapy as well as music, gym class, swimming and hydrotherapy.
  • Each student has an individualized education program that is developed by a team made up of parents and caregivers, teachers, therapists, and nurses.
  • A variety of technology tools are used to help students access their world.
  • Wing Lake has a fully accessible playground that meets the needs of children of all ages and
    abilities. Outdoor play is important for all; it helps build strength, teaches sharing and problem solving through interactions, and builds confidence. The playground is also open to the community.
  • The Wing Lake school program is supplemented by community-based instruction and field trips.
  • Wing Lake teachers and therapists not only provide best-practice teaching techniques but also engage students in learning in a fun and caring environment that encourages safety and a joy for learning.
  • Wing Lake students have the opportunity to participate in Student Council, Special Olympics, Field Day, prom, pep rallies, musical events, as well as seasonal celebrations.