Supervisor's Welcome

Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Students,

Welcome to Wing Lake Developmental Center.

     Wing Lake is one of several programs in Oakland County serving students with severe cognitive and severe multiple impairments from age three through twenty-six. Costs for our program are covered through a combination of countywide special education levy and state funding, channeled through resident school districts. The Wing Lake program is operated by the Bloomfield Hills School District. Eligible students come to the Wing Lake Program through their resident district and an IEPT meeting.

     The Wing Lake staff is extremely proud of their reputation for providing excellent educational programming for students. We believe ALL children can learn when given appropriate resources and supports. At Wing Lake, the goal is to provide optimal educational opportunities; which are accessible and engaging for our students in order to enhance their ability to function within society. Trusting and collaborative working relationships are at the core of meeting each child's individual needs.

     We welcome your child to our school and look forward to working with your child.


Rebecca Anders, Ed. Specialist, LMSW

Supervisor - Wing Lake Developmental Center




Educational Program

      Wing Lake provides a comprehensive educational program in a caring and supportive environment. A full day program that runs year-round, (July-June); is provided for all students, where focus is placed on students reaching their fullest potential. The school day for students is from 8:45 am to 2:35 pm. A school calendar can be found at

     An Individualized Educational Plan is written to meet the needs of each student. Long-range goals and short-term objectives are based on the Michigan Department of Education Standards, as well as individual therapy plans. An educational team considers each student in the areas of pre-academic skills, secondary transition, communication, socio-emotional/behavioral needs, gross and fine motor, independent/adaptive living (e.g. self-care), and medical/health. Our program includes Adapted Physical Education, swimming and hydrotherapy. Wing Lake also provides music class. Our students experience a variety of community-based instructional activities.  These experiences give students the opportunity to take the skills they learn in the classroom and use them in real life situations. This allows the community to get to know us!


Mission Statements