Why does BHS need a Foundation?

Funding for public school education is in decline making it increasingly difficult to provide programs that enhance and enrich our core academic programming. Funding for public schools in Michigan is not controlled at the local district level, and State funding for Michigan public schools has been declining for many years. State-wide budget shortfalls have created hardships in every school district in the state.

The fundraising and programming efforts of the BHS Foundation directly support the BHS by providing private funding to supplement the money distributed by the State. The BHS Foundation can most effectively fundraise for the district and provide funds to support programs and activities.

Do other public school districts have foundations?

Yes. According to the National School Foundation Association, currently there are 4,800 public school foundations nationwide and approximately 200 public school foundations in Michigan.

Who is involved in directing the BHS Foundation?

The BHS Foundation is managed by a volunteer board of Directors composed of community members, BHS Board of Education Trustees, and BHS staff and parents, all of whom are committed to continuing the BHS tradition of educational excellence.

Are other BHS organizations, such as PTOs and Boosters, involved with the BHS Foundation?

Yes. The BHS Foundation works in partnership with other BHS organizations to effectively support BHS.

How does the BHS Foundation work with the BHS Board of Education and Administration?

While the BHS Foundation is a separate organization, our sole mission is to support all BHS students by engaging with the community in funding academic and enrichment programs. In doing so, we collaborate with those who best understand education and our district.

Are the BHS Foundation's operating, legal and financial records available for public review?

The Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation is a public charity, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization recognized and regulated by the IRS and State of Michigan. To remain in good standing, we annually submit federal Form 990 tax returns to the IRS disclosing program and operating costs, revenue, and other details for determining financial accountability. This information along with our Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, financial reports, meeting minutes, and more are available for public review. Our EIN is 26-4589093. For more information, please email

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