For more than 45 years, BHHS Man in Nature has been changing lives.

Man in Nature is an outdoor education course for seniors at Bloomfield Hills High School. The course develops student knowledge and skills of camping, backpacking, and canoeing in preparation for a week-long canoe trip in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada.

The expedition in Killarney Provincial Park is demanding and rewarding. An experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled adult corps guides students through the challenging trip and facilitates an amazing learning, bonding, and confidence-building adventure.

Students in MIN learn about wilderness ethics, risk awareness and management, team work, and problem solving in addition to developing the skills and attitudes necessary to live and travel safely in the back-country. Additionally, the program develops real-word skills such as leadership, decision making, problem solving, and conflict resolution. Students in the program build confidence. self-reliance, tolerance, compassion, and more.

Our fundraising goal for 2017-18 is to replace and update our worn-out stock of sleeping bags and continue to build our stock of rugged backpacks and rain gear.

We hope to raise $5,000 to help us meet our goal and we deeply appreciate any support - great or small.

Please donate today using the form below. Donations to the BHS Foundation made using the form below are earmarked for the Man in Nature Program.

For more information on the program, please contact Instructor and Program Coordinator, Mike Barry at

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