The Compass Fund for Social and Emotional Health

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The Andover and Lahser graduates of 1997 established the Compass Fund for Social-Emotional Health in November 2017 on the occasion of their 20th high school reunion.

The Compass Fund for Social-Emotional Health honors four 1997 Andover-Lahser classmates who tragically committed suicide. The Compass Fund focuses on BHS student social-emotional health and supports programming in anti-bullying, suicide awareness, inclusion, mental health initiatives, and other areas that help students who feel lost or who have lost their way.

The Andover and Lahser classes of 1997 are proud to work together on the Compass Fund and hope that other Bloomfield Hills alumni and/or community members consider contributing to this important cause.

April 2017 - First Compass Fund Grant Recipient - Wendy Olah, Social Worker, BHHS, for her program on Health Wellness Promotion for High School Students.

Fall 2018 - Puzzle Program for ESL classroom at West Hills Middle Schools. The puzzles promote interaction between students to facilitate English language learning and enhance a sense of belonging which provides a foundation for making friends.

Fall 2019 Bloomfield Youth Assistance, BHHS Student Peer-to-Peer Support Group. A pilot of the a student group "Real Talk” which focuses on creating safety and community through a team-building retreat and mental health first-aid training.

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