BHS Foundation Grants Make a Difference!

Overview of Grants

The BHSF funds a portfolio of grants that provide incubators/catalysts for learning and align with the district's strategic initiatives. Foundation grants support opportunities to explore educational  perspectives, ideas, and challenges. They promote educational excellence, provide critical resources,  align with key initiatives, and complement the BHS operating budget.

Our grants target programs and intiatives in the areas of Academics (English, Social Studies, STEM, World Languages), the Visual, Performing and Applied Arts, and Health & Physical Education and Athletics. 

Scope of Grants

Grants are awarded in a range of sizes from those that impact the entire district to more targeted initiatives for specific schools, programs, grades, classrooms, teams or clubs. 

  • District Grants fund broad educational initiatives that typically impact a large proportion of students in the district, often across multiple school buildings.

  • Educator Grants target enrichment activities within a specific population, such as a classroom or club. They target Academics (English, Social Studies, STEM, World Languages), the Visual, Performing and Applied Arts, and Health & Physical Education and Athletics.

How are Grants Funded?

BHSF grants are funded through donations from BHS supporters such as current families, alumni, families of alumni, staff, corporations, small businesses, and community members. Funds are generally raised through annual events such as our Annual Appeal, The CeleBHration (signature gala), and Tribute Campaign.

Who Can Apply for Grants?

Grant applications can be submitted by individuals in any of the following groups.

  • Administrators
  • Teachers/Staff
  • Program Leaders
  • Students

When are Applications Available?

The BHSF runs two grant cycles annually, one in the fall and one in the late winter/early spring.

The fall 2019 application cycle has closed. Applications will be awarded by November 22, 2019.

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Special Grants

Shelley Lazarus Memorial Grant

Established in 2015, this grant honors Shelley Lazarus, a beloved BHS teacher for 25 years. Shelley taught at Pine Lake and Way , and was the Media Specialist at Eastover.  The grant is awarded to programs that support Shelley's love of literature. 

  • 2015 - Diversity Book Collection (Eastover, Cindy Livingston)

  • 2016 - Literacy Library (EHMS, Catherine Young)

  • 2017 - Diverse Faces in Children's Literature (Bloomin' Preschool, Katie Weylan) and Music + Reading = Love (Lone Pine, Kate Philp)

  • 2018 - Book of the Year Programs at EHMS and BHSM (Laura Amatulli)

Dr. Rob Glass Superintendent Grant

This grant was established in 2017 in recognition of Dr. Glass being named Michigan Superintendent of the Year. One grant is awarded annually that supports Dr. Glass' passion for innovative educational initiatives.

  • 2017 - BHS Robotics (Middle Schools)

  • 2018 - Middle School Makeover Movements (BHSM, EHMS, WHMS, Laura Amatulli)

The Compass Fund for Social-Emotional Health

Established in 2017 by the Andover and Lasher classes of 1997 in honor of four classmates who committed suicide.

The fund supports a grant annually that focuses on BHS student social-emotional health and supports programming in anti-bullying, suicide awareness, inclusion, mental health initiatives, and other areas that help students who feel lost or who have lost their way.

  • 2017 - Health Wellness Promotion for High School Students (BHHS, Wendy Olah)

  • 2018 - ESL Puzzle Partnerships (WHMS, Jennifer Ostheimer and Valerie Weeks)