BHSF Grants Make a Difference

BHSF grants have benefited every student in the district! 

BHSF grants promote academic excellence and support creative thinking.  They focus on four pillars of  educational excellence in the areas of Academics, Arts, Athletics, Health, Recreation, Special Education and Technology.

We established the Educator and District grant programs in 2014 and have awarded more than 250 grants.

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Please take a moment to learn more about our grants. We think you'll agree they enhance learning experiences and make a difference.

Due to the changes in learning created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the BHSF was unable to award Educator Grants in the winter of 2020. Instead, BHSF grants funded transitional learning and social emotional learning programs such as Summer Learning Packets, staff professional development, and more. 

In the fall of 2020, the BHSF awarded our new Lightning Grants, smaller grants awarded on an accelerated timeframe that support distance learning material and programs.  We funded  33 Lightning Grants to educators throughout the district for online learning subscriptions, STEM kits, student manipulatives, online assessment tools, social-emotional learning resources, and much more.




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