Grant Applications, Policies and Schedules


We are no longer accepting grants for the fall of 2019. Fall 2019 grants will be awarded by November 22! 

General Schedule Information

    All complete applications received by the appropriate deadlines are reviewed and rated by each Board member according to the selection criteria. If questions of a factual nature arise after an application is submitted, the applicant may be contacted by a representative of the BHSF for additional information.
  • The number of grants awarded is dependent upon the number of applications received and the amount of money allocated annually.
  • Selected grant recipients are notified by the BHS Foundation Executive Director.


  • Grants projects must fall outside regular school or district budgeting parameters and support programs in the areas of academics, the arts, athletics, social/emotional health and technology.
  • Grant applications require principal's (school program) or supervisor's (department, organization program) approval as indicated by signature request on the application.
  • Grants can be used to pay consultants or outside speakers as part of an overall program.
  • Funding of transportation costs is considered if it is an essential component of an innovative or unique learning opportunity.
  • Grants involving the purchase of technology are subject to BHS' technology policies and may involve a supplemental application.
  • Grant recipients must be willing to provide scheduled reports (including purchase receipts) to BHS Foundation, to participate in publicity events as warranted, and to share results with students, staff, families and the BHS community.


  • Grants may be used only for the purposes outlined on the grant application and must be used in the timeframe indicated on the approved request, unless an extension in requested and approved in writing. Grant funds must be used within one year from disbursement.
    • The BHS Foundation reserves the right to revoke any grant and require reimbursement of allocated funds, if it is determined that funding has not been used for approved purposes.
  • All materials and equipment funded by the BHS Foundation through the grant program become the property of the BHS.
  • Any grant monies not expended by the grant completion date shall revert to the BHS Foundation.

Selection Criteria

  • Grant request should reflect the mission statement and strategic goals of the BHS.
  • Grant requests must target programs and initiatives supported by or beneficial to the BHS.
  • Grant request must align with one of the BHS Foundation's 2018/19 core and co-curricular targeted areas.
    • Academics (English, Social Studies, STEM, World Languages)
    • VIsual, Performing and Applied Arts
    • Health and Physical Education and Athletics
  • Grant request targets programs, opportunities and/or tools that are innovative and/or unique.
  • Grant request is student-focused.
  • Grant request clearly outlines objectives and expected outcomes.
  • Grant request details how results will be measured.
  • Grant request includes an itemized budget, clearly stating how money will be used.
    • If warranted, other sources of funding are described.
  • Grant request includes realistic and acceptable method and schedule for reporting of results/outcome to BHS Foundation.