Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Bloomfield Hills Schools is committed to providing a safe and healthy school environment. Updated Medical Action Plans (MAPs) and Medical Management Plans (MMPs), along with our BHS Authorization for Prescription and Non-Prescription Medication forms are required at the start of every school year and expire on the last day of school instruction.

These forms provide BHS with required medical direction from your child’s licensed healthcare provider and allows staff to provide services including medication administration, medical procedures and/or medical interventions. Without prescribed orders, only interventions including soap, water, adhesive bandages, ice and age appropriate comfort will be provided.

Please direct any questions that you may have to our district nurse at or 248-341-5435.

Goals of the Health and Wellness Department

  • Advocate for our students with any type of disease process or medical concerns that may need to be addressed while at school.
  • Providing staff education and guidance on issues related to school health, we also follow-up on health concerns, support students with emergency plans for medical needs and address student specific health concerns.

New and updated forms may be submitted to the school that the student will be attending.  If your child has developed a new health condition or, if your child is new to the district and has a medical condition that is dependent on staff support, please contact the school directly or the district nurse, as soon as possible. 

Initiatives and Trainings

Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition 'Harm Reduction Narcan Training'

Free Feminine Products

Health and Wellness Events

Bloomfield Hills PTO Council Health & Wellness Committee in partnership with Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition (BBCC), Bloomfield Hills Schools, and Bloomfield Youth Assistance 

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Mission Statement: To build resilience in our community focused on health and wellness for our students, staff, parents, and supporting groups that is impactful, timely, and relevant.