In-District Open Enrollment - Transfer Request

What Is In District Open Enrollment?

Bloomfield Hills Schools commonly allows resident students to attend school at the building of their choice, if certain requirements are met.

What Are The Minimum Requirements?

  • Space is available at the receiving building.
  • Transportation is provided by the student/family.
  • Approval from the "school of residence" principal is obtained.
  • Approval from the "school of choice" principal is obtained.
  • Approval from the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction is obtained.

How Do I Exercise My In District Open Enrollment Option?

What Happens Next?

  • After approving/rejecting the request, the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction notifies the parents/student, building principals, and Student Services of the final decision.
  • If necessary, contact the school of choice to confirm the first day of attendance.

Important Notes:

  • A transfer request is building specific. A new request must be submitted if your child changes buildings for any reason.
  • Transfers, once granted, will remain in effect for at least one school year and continue in effect following that period unless the student, parent/guardian, or the school takes formal action to rescind the transfer.
  • Requests to rescind a previously approved transfer must be submitted in writing.