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Way Art Fair

Way Elementary art show allowed students to talk about their passions and creative process.  Students take ownership of their work and tell the story of their own learning through the planning, experimenting, reflecting, and revising.  They learn the skills and techniques of art, along with art history and apply what they learn to the different forms of art in each studio.  The choice-based learning empowers students to make choices regarding the creative process. The process is where the learning occurs.  Ultimately, the students find inspiration from the heart!

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Exhibition: A Celebration of Learning at Conant Elementary

Conant student, Baird George, shares about their group’s action project to help the endangered black-footed ferret, “We made cootie catchers which is an origami fortune teller used in children’s game.  However, instead of fortunes we wrote facts about the black-foot ferret.  We sold them for $1 each at recess.  Our goal was to raise $180, and we raised $270!  We donated the money to the American Ferret Association.”  Mirabelle Boivin adds, “After learning about these global issues we are inspired to act and change our behavior.  We volunteered at homeless shelters, we donated toys to children with cancer and put together care packages, we took pledges to stop bullying, we tried to walk or ride our bikes over driving to help with global warming, created posters to hang at the middle schools to prevent smoking and vaping, and there was even more.  It felt good that we could make a difference!”

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Exhibition: A Celebration of Learning at West Hills and Conant Elementary Schools

West Hills IB coordinator Jen Teal reflects on the program: "Exhibition really highlights the importance of the learning process. If you ask students what they think of it during the unit, they will likely talk about being overwhelmed, having disagreements with other group members, struggling to find resources or come up with a solution, and feeling nervous about speaking in front of a large group of adults. The process is not easy. It requires that students critically inquire about their world, grapple with complex issues, look at multiple perspectives, and take responsible action. But on Exhibition Night, when students have an opportunity to share their learning and experience, it is magical. Their pride in what they have accomplished is immense. And the day after Exhibition, when students share what the experience has meant to them, their reflections are profound. Exhibition is a wonderful capstone as well as an important bridge to the next part of their IB journey."

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We are Proud

Lone Pine 50th Anniversary - Save the Date!

Save the Date! #LonePine50th Anniversary celebrations kick off on Sunday, October 6th, 2019 (Homecoming weekend) with a 5K run/walk at 3 p.m. in the Lone Pine neighborhood.  Next spring, every friend and alumni of Lone Pine is invited back to Spring Carnival for a community-wide celebration. Mark your calendars now for June 5th, 2020, 5:30-8:00 p.m. Please spread the word as we embark on a year acknowledging a "Community Worth Celebrating!"

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  • Only district in Michigan to offer tuition-free K-12 IBO curriculum
  • Visible Thinking based on Harvard research
  • Sustainability education and Michigan-certified Green Schools
  • 90% of high school seniors are accepted to their first choice college or university
  • MAP (Maximizing Academic Potential) Services available throughout district
  • BHS graduation rate: 98%; Graduates who attend college or university: 94%
  • Average of 19 annual National Merit Scholars winners
  • SAT and ACT scores are well-above national averages
  • 22 Advanced Placement programs in high school
  • Five world languages taught: Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and American Sign Language
  • 82% of faculty have masters degrees or higher and all teach in their major field of study
  • Elementary school average class size: 19 in grades K-2; 24 in grades 3-5
  • Middle school average class size: 26


  • Award-winning Fine/Performing Arts and Athletics programs
  • E.L. Johnson Nature Center and Charles L. Bowers School Farm offer extended classroom environments for all grades
  • Award-winning radio and television production stations
  • Many academic clubs and activities in which students can participate


  • BHS philosophy of educating the whole child (intellectual, emotional, social)
  • School environments are physically, emotionally and intellectually safe for students
  • Diverse student body supports unity and acceptance
  • Variety of programs offered to constructively resolve conflicts
  • Community service is required for graduation