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Water Walk

The 7th grade World Cultures class at Bloomfield Hills Middle School recently learned about the Global Water Crisis and raised over $2,500 for the cause. Some students also participated in a Water Walk modeled after children in Africa who walk 2+ miles carrying 5-gallon pails filled with water. 

Luke Vaupel describes the new perspective gained from learning about the Global Water Crisis, "It opened my eyes to how we take for granted the ease of turning on a faucet to receive fresh water. The children in Africa have to walk for miles and carry back to their village a 5-gallon bucket of water. It also made me more aware to conserve water whenever I can."

Eli Goldstein shares, "Our 7th grade World Cultures teachers, Mr. Neuwirth and Ms. Veillette, organized a walk to simulate what the children in Africa have to do for fresh water. We walked for two miles carrying 5-gallon pails filled with water. We raised money for We Walk for Water, which is an organization that supplies fresh water to villages in need. Young girls typically are not able to go to school because they have the responsibility of bringing water to their village. I felt proud that our class exceeded our goal of raising over $2,500!"