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Wax Museum

Way's 4th-grade students showcase their rich learning opportunity for the Wax Museum Exhibition.  Students brainstormed ideas for individual inquiry, generated possible subtopics to guide research, read non-fiction books and articles, and incorporated their thinking routines throughout the process.  They worked hard, and it shows!

Student Sarim Chaudhary steps into the Statue of Liberty character and beams proudly, "I liked how we could choose anything that is either a person, place, or thing.  I enjoyed researching the Statue of Liberty, and presenting is really fun too!"

A few of the thinking routines employed: ​

  • Question Starts:  A routine for creating thought-provoking questions. 
  • Give one, Get one:  Students share their thinking with others to build a broader picture of the topic, prompt or questions.
  • Sentence-Phrase-Word: Help learners to engage with and make meaning from the text, capturing the essence, in other words, "what speaks to you".
  • The 3C's Reflection:  A routine to synthesize and reflect.