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Way Art Fair

Way Elementary art show allowed students to talk about their passions and creative process.  Students take ownership of their work and tell the story of their own learning through the planning, experimenting, reflecting, and revising.  They learn the skills and techniques of art, along with art history and apply what they learn to the different forms of art in each studio.  The choice-based learning empowers students to make choices regarding the creative process. The process is where the learning occurs.  Ultimately, the students find inspiration from the heart!

Student Joseph Kassab shares about some of the fun activities families engaged in at the show, “Anyone could write letters to the artists and put them in this pocket next to their piece.  The letter could include things you like about the art, ways you connect to it, or other suggestions or comments.  Another fun activity was the scavenger hunt!  Mrs. Molnar put together a list of items to find throughout the show.  For example the pieces with warm colors or the Fortnite theme pieces, and once you complete it you enter into a drawing to win a free lunch.”  Milan Thai-Tang adds, “On a separate evening families participated in the Cardboard Challenge.  Each group was given a limited amount of cardboard and packing tape and had to construct something in a certain period of time.  A lot of the cardboard art was displayed at the show too!”

Mrs. Molnar reflects on an incredible night, “A team of 4th grade students organized the show, sorted the artwork based on themes, made posters to advertise for the show, presented to all the classes before sending invites home, and served as docents for the night of the show. I was so proud of them and all of our kindergarten through 4th grade artists!”