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4th Graders Experience Disabilities Awareness Day

Fourth grade students in Bloomfield Hills Schools had the unique experience of learning how to be inclusive what it might be like to live with a disability.   


"We all include everyone with everything," Hayden Schwartzenfeld, BHS student, explains. "We meet new friends and have more friends. Disabilities Awareness Day is a great way for kids to learn what disabilities people might have, what it feels like, and how to live your life with a disability."


Stations were set up with exhibits sharing how it might feel to be blind, deaf, or have learning or physical challenges.  A vision station provided goggles designed to show what specific visual impairments feel like, including macular degeneration, low vision, or a stroke to one eye.  Students were shown Braille, and wrote their name in Braille on strips of paper.  Many stations emphasized the idea that when one sense is impaired, other senses become heightened to help a person compensate.


At one station, students examined the school's physical features, to ensure that the building was up to code.  "Our school tries to fix things so everyone can have equal access," Kathryn Ho, BHS student says.  "We build ramps and fix things for people with disabilities so everyone can fit in and feel welcome.  It's important to be kind so no one is left out."



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