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BHHS Theatre Students Shine at 2018 Thespian Conference


Recently, 26 BHHS theatre students went to the 2018 Thespian Conference in Grand Rapids for workshops, plays, adjudication panels, and scholarship auditions. 

Claire Spender and Chris Mulville received over $240,000 in scholarships for stage management and lighting design!

The following students received superior ratings for their performances:

  • Ava Meyer
  • Mollie Menuck
  • Chris Mulville
  • Claire Spender
  • Connor Renusch
  • Corinne Peterson

Joey Rankin and Anna Partalis received excellent ratings for their performance.

The film created by Connor Renusch "Sober" will go on to compete at the national level in June.  

In October, Ava Meyer was nominated and chosen to perform at the final Showcase of the conference. Ava brought 1600 people to an immediate standing ovation at this prestigious event with her performance of "I'm Not Afraid".  

Way to go, BHHS theatre students!