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Eastover Plant Exhibition


Group photo at Eastover Exhibition

“Let me tell you about the different parts of the plant,” Nicholas Costis, second grader says. “The roots hold the plant in place and take up water, the stem holds up the leaves, and the leaves make the food.  The flower lets the seeds fall out, making more plants.”

Second graders in Eastover Elementary invited family and friends to attend the Plant Exhibition. “The exhibition covered our whole unit on plants, encompassing reading, writing, and our thinking routines,” Michelle Scherer, Second Grade Teacher, explains.

Noelle Bahri, student, explains some of the strategies of these thinking routines, “We generate thoughts and place them into categories: Needs, Excitements, Surprises, Worries.  As you see from this chart, these are the many questions we have before we began.  It is fun to look at it and see what happened and didn’t happen.”  

Students delved into learning through real life experiences including harvesting potatoes and cooking soup for guests of the exhibition.  “We have the wonderful opportunity to grow the food from seeds in our school garden and cook it in our mobile kitchen,” Jamie Goldschmidt, Visible Thinking and Sustainability Coordinator, says.

Marcello Kunath guided his family through the classroom, showing off his projects.  “We eat different parts of the plant depending on what it is,” Kunath explains.  “Roots are potatoes and carrots.  Broccoli and celery are stems.  Cabbage and spinach are leaves. Flowers turn into fruit like apples, cherries, and pumpkins.  We eat sunflower seeds too!”

Student with plant harvest project

Students with plant grown project

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