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New York Times Cartoon Contest

"Our history teacher, Mr. Laliberte, gave us the assignment to illustrate a cartoon about current events. Mr. Laiberte asked our permission to submit our work into the New York Times Editorial Cartoon 2018 Contest. When we received honorable mention in this national contest, we both couldn't believe it! It was fun to get creative, and at the same time dig deeper into meaningful issues." shares Bloomfield Hills High School students Ayesha Ahmed and Leena Jandali.  

Ahmed continues, "I compared Colin Kaepernik's decision to kneel during the national anthem and Baraboo High School students making the Nazi salute. Kaepernik's decision was criticized as being disrespectful and the Wisconsin students were considered exercising their First Amendment rights."

Jandali explains the titled piece 'Denial', "President Trump denies the murder of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi; denies the interference of Russia in the 2016 election; denies global warming."

Ahmed and Jandali agree, "The finalist in the contest created amazing pieces and to be selected is quite an honor."