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Pumpkin Fresh Treat at Bowers School Farm

It was a sunny, cool, crisp Autumn morning, perfect for a bumpy tractor ride at the 90-acre Bowers School Farm!  Conant Elementary students squealed with excitement as they arrived at a huge pumpkin patch.  

"Pumpkins aren't just for carving!" Amy Cardin, Farm Guide, says. "These pumpkins can be cooked as pies, a side dish, in soup, and in many delicious recipes. After you select your pumpkin, we'll head back and you'll experience how delicious fresh pumpkin can be!"  

The students came back to the Bowers classroom to cook their treats.  "Who likes pudding?" Cardin asks.  "And have you ever tried pumpkin pudding?"  Each student put all the ingredients in a plastic bag, including a large scoop of cooked pumpkin, grown from seed and cooked in Bowers kitchen.  Students then massaged the bag until the ingredients were well mixed.  "This is so much fun!" Michael Daniels, first grade student, exclaims excitedly, "I can't wait to eat it!." The final step was to cut the corner of the bag and squeeze the filling into cups.   "Wow, this is delicious!", Maggie Cochrane, student, says.  "I can't wait to do this again at home, with my very own pumpkin!" 

Students with pumpkinsPreparing pumpkin pudding