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The Art of Wheel Throwing
"I learned wheel throwing is pottery making.  They make it look so easy!" shares third grader Leah Merahn of Lone Pine Elementary as she watches Bloomfield Hills High School seniors, Evelyn Sorgenfrei and Mikaela Schulz.  Art teacher Matt Beauchamp of Bloomfield Hills High School explains, "Evelyn and Mikaela make it look easy, but it requires a lot of patience and practice.  They have dedicated time to develop their skill.  Don't worry if your piece isn't perfect, it only shows that robots didn't create it."  Third-grader Quinn Canner adds, "In art class, we have studios set up to try all types of art.  Our ceramics studio is going to be really cool with these two pottery wheels.  I can't wait to try it!"  Lone Pine Elementary Art Teacher Stephanie Olson expresses, "We appreciate the collaborative effort of Matt, Evelyn, and Mikaela to create new learning opportunities for our students.  Plus, it builds relationships with older and younger students.  It is experiences like these that make Bloomfield Hills Schools special."