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West Hills Students Visit Global Village

Sixth grade students in West Hills Middle School had the unique and amazing opportunity to visit Howell Nature Center's Global Village.  The Nature Center features five model homes representing how people live in Zambia, Thailand, Peru, and the Appalachian regions.  


"The most interesting part of the field trip was going into each of the houses and learning how they live," says Leah Kendal, 6th Grader.  Students learned about daily life, including details such as what people eat, how their homes are constructed, how to raise animals to support their lifestyles, and games that children play.  Students were also provided with statistics on where the most people in the world live, in conjunction with where the most resources are.


A highlight of the trip was when students prepared and cooked their own lunch, using many foods that are commonly eaten in some of the featured cultures.  Students built their own fires, chopped vegetables, and enjoyed a meal of rainbow quinoa, potatoes, rice, and vegetables mixed with spices.  


After a full day of learning, students left the Global Village with a deeper understanding of how different people around the world live, and how fortunate we are in our community to have electricity, fresh water, food, and easily accessible resources.  Students gained a great global education at this fun full-day field trip.


"The Global Village field trip showed how communities in different parts of the world just want the same thing that we do," Kendal reflects. "Everyone wants the same thing, to live to the next day and just be with their families."



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