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WHMS Veterans Day Tribute Concert

WHMS Veterans Day Tribute Concert


West Hills Middle School students invited family, friends, and veterans to enjoy a Veterans Day performance.  “On Veterans Day we can honor the people who fought for our country and celebrate their service,” says Jaymie Miller, 4th grade student.  

Miller invited a family friend, Cyril Feldman, who served in the Marines during World War II.  Many students invited grandparents and great-grandparents to the concert, several of whom served in our country’s military.  WHMS is also proud to have two veterans on their staff: Principal Rob Durecka and Paraprofessional Gary Swain.


Sabryn Kallabat, 8th grader, has a personal connection to this day. “I had a great-grandfather that fought in WWII, and I wish that he could be here right now,” Kallabat shares.  “It means a lot to me to get to perform in this concert.  This is a really great opportunity for all the veterans to be recognized for their service.”  Veterans who were present for the concert had front row seats, and were recognized for their service.


Between songs, 8th grade Choir students shared stories and information about our country’s military history.  “The British created a song that was supposed to be harmful to Americans, but really, the Americans liked it,” Alex Abel, 4th grader, explains. “It was Yankee Doodle!”  


“This program fulfills the Rights and Responsibilities PYP unit and builds our school’s community, but it also gives us the chance to thank people for our freedoms,” Eve Pierre, Choir Director says.  


Maddie Locher, former student of Pierre, is currently serving for the Air Force in Germany.  Locher agreed to Skype with WHMS students and the audience during the concert.  There were many wet eyes as she shared her experiences serving our country abroad in a cyber warfare intelligence unit.  Locher hasn’t been home in three years, and hopes to visit home soon.  


The West Hills Middle School Veterans Day Tribute concert holds a special place in the heart of our community.  Thank you veterans, active duty military, and reservists!



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